Thank you for supporting DNM suspension. Please be noted to fill in the content carefully in order to maintain the warranty. The content will be DNM recorded only. Please feel safety to fill in.

Warranty Form



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Questionnaire of aftermarket

Thank you for purchasing DNM product. For your warranty right, please fill in the accurate date of purchase, with store stamp on it and register to login on the website within a week. Start to enjoy the 2 year warranty.(We reserve the right to modify this Agreement at any time)

Warranty service Precautions:

1. Warranty date: Since the date of purchased(Invoice date)

2. Aftermarket maintenance: Please attach the warranty card or Invoice with the product, If register on the DNM warranty webpage, only need to send the product to DNM company.

3. Register online: Your warranty will automatically extend 6 months after first registration on the DNM webpage (The content has to be accurate.) If no warranty card or any proof of purchased. The warranty will invalid within 3 months after shipped out from DNM company.

4. You might be charged in those conditions in below, even if still under warranty duration.

  • Do not follow DNM instruction or Abuse.
  • Disassemble, Replace any component inside the DNM product.
  • Foreign material invasion.
  • Natural disaster (Typhoon, earthquake, fire, etc) Damaged by misuse.

5. You might be charged when the warranty duration is unavailable.

6. You might be charged when there is any component need to be changed.


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